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Gelbvieh Profit Partners, LLC is a cattle management and marketing company that truly puts its money where its mouth is. We believe Gelbvieh crossed with Angus or Red Angus makes the best feeding cattle in the industry and are buying and bidding on Gelbvieh x Angus cattle (25 to 50 percent Gelbvieh, 50 to 75 percent Angus) to prove it.

We are a for-profit limited liability company so our goal is clear—provide profit opportunities for our investors and increase stakeholder value. We believe Gelbvieh x Angus feeder cattle allows Profit Partners to capture efficiencies in the growing and feeding phase, while producing a high quality carcass that meets the industry target of 70 percent Choice and 70 percent Yield Grades 1&2. 

     Our management team has tremendous industry experience, backed by a Board of Directors with years of cattle-feeding experience. Gelbvieh Profit Partners will offer you more and better access to data on your cattle. Visit with us to see the advantage our management team offers you.



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